Church Reality Show, ‘The Sisterhood’ To Be Cancelled


Church Reality Show, ‘The Sisterhood’ To Be Cancelled has learned from a source close to the production stated, “It absolutely won’t be back!”

The reality show was set in Atlanta and chronicled the lives of the wives of several less-than-prominent preachers. The five member cast included Domonique Scott, Tara Lewis, Ivy Couch, Christina Murray and DeLana Rutherford.

From the moment promotional clips of the show premiered online in fall 2012 it began receiving negative feedback from the Christian community.

There was serious backlash from churchgoers, faith leaders and gospel recording artists alike who were against “The Sisterhood” since the show premiered on Jan. 1.

“The Sisterhood” only averaged a 0.6 rating – that’s 600,000 viewers weekly.

Praise God! It was a very bad example for first ladies and if real first ladies act like they do, then we really are in trouble. We are happy that much of the church went against the show and stood up for what is right and the reputations of all preachers and first ladies who are doing things right.