Paula White’s Son Refuted by Rapper Shai Linne in His Open Letter

Rapper responds in an open letter to Pastor Paula White’s son

Paula White’s Son Refuted by Rapper Shai Linne in His Open Letter

Last week, the controversial rapper Shai Linne wrote a detailed open letter in response to Pastor Paula White’s son and manager, Brad Knight, which has to do with the rapper’s song “Fal$e Teacher$” that tagged his the popular minister.

In his letter, he addressed Brad Knight and his concerns about what was said in the song, “Fal$e Teacher$.”

“My song was not about you, your financial status, the genuineness of your faith, your mother’s prayers for you or the good things that Paula White Ministries does. The song was about the false doctrine that Paula White and others have publicly taught for many years and continue to teach,” wrote Linne in his letter.

This is what we were stating before and really didn’t understand why Paula White’s camp was so offended when the rapper mentioned others preachers too.

Also, Linne responds to what he stated in the song “Fal$e Teacher$” and how he pointed to her “false view of atonement,” her “false ‘sow a seed’ teaching” and her “falsely claiming to speak for God.”:

As I’m sure you know, Brad, God takes speaking in His name very seriously. To say that God said something that He didn’t say is to lie on God. God takes this sin so seriously that in the Old Testament, the person found guilty of this was to be executed,” said Linne in his discussion of White’s claim to speak for God.

“As sincere as Paula White may be, she is extremely reckless in the many false things that she says God told her to tell her listeners. The videos I provided are enough. Just go back and listen to how often she says God is saying something that He could not possibly be saying to everyone listening to her at the time. ‘You are not going to die of sickness’ is just one of many examples I could give. Sadly, her teaching is characterized by this falsehood. She and the other people I mentioned in the song do this all the time,” wrote Linne.

We commend Rapper Shai Linne for being upfront and providing video references which are an excellent way of making one’s point about someone’s own actions. Great job, Linne!