Judge Joe Brown Show Cancelled After 15 Running Seasons

jugde joe brown show cancelled

Judge Joe Brown Show Cancelled After 15 Running Seasons

Huffington Post reports:

The cancellation took place as a result of not being able to come to a happy medium over Brown’s $20-million annual salary, which CBS was looking to trim because of the show’s dip in ratings.

Even though all of the syndicated court shows have seen a decline in viewership, Brown’s half-hour daily program has maintained its No. 2 two spot behind the viewer favorite, “Judge Judy, ” whose No. 1 spot beats all of her competitors by a wide margin.

The “Judge Joe Brown” show will continue to run in original and repeat episodes until September of this year. As far as the next steps for the suave and distinguished Brown, he has reportedly met with famed TV executive Byron Allen about holding on to his show, according to an unnamed source. As far as Brown obtaining a salary that even comes close to what he is making now, if he decides to cement a deal with Allen’s Entertainment Studios, forget about it, speculates the source.

This is sad news. Many of us have enjoyed Judge Joe Brown for many years. We hope this can be worked out but as we know all good things come to an end.