Joyce Meyers Ministries Off The Hook for Wrongful Death Suit in Ex-Bodyguard’s Murder of Family

Joyce Meyers Ministries Off The Hook for Wrongful Death Suit in Ex-Bodyguard’s Murder of Family

We knew they wouldn’t be able to blame the church ministry for the family’s deaths. Even though we know the ministry stressed that he should work things out with his wife or lose his job, he had a love interest that appeared to be the reason why he wanted to kill his family.

A judge here dismissed a wrongful-death lawsuit Wednesday afternoon that sought damages from the Joyce Meyer Ministries over former bodyguard Christopher Coleman’s murder of his family.

The decision will be appealed, said Tony Romanucci, one of the attorneys for the mother and brother of Sheri Coleman, who live in the Chicago area.
Circuit Judge Richard Aguirre said it was a tough case that would benefit from review by the appellate court.
“I cannot concede in any way how Joyce Meyer Ministries is guilty of foreseeing that an employee would kill his family,” Aguirre said while announcing the dismissal.
The suit alleged the ministry should have known that Christopher Coleman, its security chief, was behind anonymous threats aimed at himself and his family before he killed his wife, Sheri, and their sons Garett, 11, and Gavin, 9, at their home in Columbia, Ill., in 2009. It also said the ministry should have told Sheri Coleman that her husband was having an extra-marital affair.
Christopher Coleman is still named as a defendant in the wrongful-death suit. He also is appealing the sentence of life in prison without parole he received after a jury found him guilty of first-degree murder.
Maybe in his eyes, he’d have no family, no child support or alimony and could keep his job and new girlfriend. We can’t say that the ministry was the blame for all of this tragedy. This may be the first time we stand up for Joyce Meyer but there’s a first for everything!
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