Black Pastors from Oakland, California Taking Action on Crime in the City

Black Pastors from Oakland, California Taking Action on Crime in the City

We are happy to see that one of the worse cities in the U.S. with crime rates is making some real effort to deter the crime in the city of Oakland. This news is very timely since we just recently wrote a post on Black Church News: No more Prosperity Gospel Celebrity Preachers, watch the film, ‘Popped In Oakland’ This is a serious issue and if you were to watch the documentary of the gang and drug crime in Oakland, it is very overdue. We don’t have time to talk about prosperity when our cities are being riddled with crime.

Read below what pastors are doing to fight crime in Oakland, CA:

Oakland city pastors are frustrated with the city’s leadership and how the crime rate is spiraling. This has mobilized a group of pastors from Oakland’s historically black churches to use their ‘political muscle’ to bring change to the city.

Last fall, the pastors successfully backed a City Council candidate, Lynette McElhaney, who unexpectedly defeated a leading candidate, Sean Sullivan, during the ranked-choice vote reshuffle.
In October, a pastor succeeded in persuading Gov. Jerry Brown to help the city’s understaffed Police Department crack down on violent crime. His plea prompted the governor to offer patrols by the California Highway Patrol.
And last month, the pastors mobilized hundreds of their congregants to City Hall to show support for the hiring of police consultant William Bratton.

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