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The Fall from Grace of Jesse Jackson Jr. and Wife Former Alderman Sandi Jackson [VIDEO]

The Fall from Grace of Jesse Jackson Jr. and Wife Former Alderman Sandi Jackson [VIDEO]
We are so sorry that the legacy of the son of Jesse Jackson, Sr., Jesse Jackson Jr., could not have ended or continued gracefully but unfortunately it has come to a bitter and humiliating conclusion.
Jesse Jackson Sr.’s reputation and some scandal that has followed him caused his image and legacy to be tarnished though he has been trying to repair it in recent years. We realize no one is perfect and our personal lives will be the subject to public display, but when it comes to being corrupt in your political position, there’s no room for much sympathy. Even the wife of Jesse Jr. deliberately followed her husband along the path of corruption and used monies that was not theirs for their own personal use. Oh, many politicians do it but it is very disgraceful when we as blacks do the same as our pale counterparts. We, as a people who came from struggle and discrimination, would want to show the country a difference between them and us. Unfortunately, our humanness gets in the way; but we are not allowing that to be an excuse for any actions.
Take a look at the news and video below which depicts the good and the bad of Jesse Jackson Jr. and let’s take heed to what some fall prey to in the life of a politician!
Chicago Tribune reports:
Jesse Jackson Jr.’s final act as a public official was to send a Thanksgiving eve resignation letter to the speaker of the House in which he declared that “for 17 years I have given 100 percent of my time, energy and life to public service.”
But federal prosecutors unveiled an image of Jackson as less a public servant and more a politician interested in surrounding himself with treasures. A gold-plated Rolex. Furs and cashmere capes. Memorabilia from the likes of Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee and Martin Luther King Jr. Luxuries out of the reach of the many people trying to stay above the poverty line in Jackson’s former South Side congressional district.
In all, federal prosecutors in Washington alleged that Jackson and his wife, former Ald. Sandi Jackson, misused more than $750,000 in campaign funds for their personal benefit over nearly seven years starting in 2005. She faces her own charge of fraudulently understating the couple’s income on tax returns for six years.
The charges, months in the making, are the latest development in a steady but grand fall for the onetime political power couple.

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