Pastor Rick Warren Suggests Ministries Not Take Government Money

rick warren on government moneyPastor Rick Warren Suggests Ministries Not Take Government Money

Popular Pastor Rick Warren said any organization that sees evangelism as a priority should not take government money.

The pastor of Saddleback Community Church in California told Washington reporters he’s refused millions the Obama and Bush administrations offered in support of his ministry’s global relief efforts, reports CBN.

His reason come from this stance:

  • he won’t let aid restrictions stop him from telling people about Jesus Christ
  • many foreign countries now reject U.S. aid that’s conditional on their acceptance of abortion rights
  • or gay rights.


AT2W’s Take: We can understand his view points and agree with many but isn’t it also true that many of the megachurches and modern day churches are considered corporations and if they accept government money then they also can not be run the way they want? Basically, the church that accepts government money, is a puppet to the White House.

We can remember this coming from Bishop Eddie Long and how President Bush gave his ministry over $1 million dollars to support anti-gay rights. Long organized one of the largest marches against gay rights in recent years in Atlanta, GA. But did he realize it would bite him in the behind if his own secret discretion with young men came out, which in fact it did?This is also why many churches do not accept money from the White House. If they did, many would not have as much control over their ministries and some of the ‘dirt’ would have come out sooner than later.

The truth is it will come out regardless. This fact could be hence a good thing or a bad thing depending on the morals and values of the pastor and his church. Let us pray for the right values in this case.