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Bishop T. D. Jakes Says “It’s Not the Method But the Message’ about Christian Hip Hop [VIDEO]

bishop td jakes and christian hip hop

Bishop T. D. Jakes Says “It’s not the Method But the Message’ about Christian Hip Hop [VIDEO]

Bishop T.D. Jakes had a word to say about the questions posed by The Christian Post: Should Hip Hop be classified as the “secularization” of Christian music or simply viewed as a natural progression?
“Gospel Hip Hop has made significant contributions to the next generation,” said the Dallas mega pastor, though he admits that the older generation still cringes a bit when they hear its aggressive beats and contemporary sound.
“If you’re like me, you love the old hymns and the old songs that we were taught, but this debate happens every 20 or 30 years or so,” he noted.

He tells us to not get caught up in the method but the message is the key to glorifying God.  Watch for yourself.


AT2W’s Take: We can not exactly agree with Bishop Jakes here. As most of our readers know, AT2W is very much against hip hop gospel and Christian rap. We feel it is totally out of the realm of God and that it does not glorify Him in many ways because of its secular style. Jakes says for us to take with us the message from the songs. Well, it is pretty hard to even hear or comprehend a message with ‘crunk’ and bumping going on. Many of us remember growing up and loving a song because of the beat and not so much the message. Then when we became adults and really listened to the words, we realized the significance to the lyrics,if there was any significance at all. But from what we have heard, the lyrics  from Christian hip hop has less a message and more of the rhythm and beat than anything else. If there is a message, many may be missing it because dancing to it is the significance at this time.

We realize that this is a modern day and age and people are coming to Christ in many different ways but can we really get what God wants for us by allowing this genre to define a major part of Christian music today? Can we really say that we feel or are actually holy in God’s eyes, if we move and dance to this music the same way we would at a nightclub? If there is not a difference in the music, then why make it?

To us, the method makes all of the difference. It must be seen holy and those singing it must be holy. This is not to say that all gospel artists from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and on were all holy. We know some were not. We are only saying that the music then, not rap, was categorized correctly and showed respect for the church. If we look at much of the rap music in the church now, the young people and older ones too, are not exemplifying holiness or reverence for God. It’s been going on for years now and its really only for the young people and for those who can make money from it. In fact, we are pimping out our young people into thinking you can really be saved following gospel and christian rap. Sorry if that offends folks, but is Christian and gospel rap really helping people at all? We must truly think about it’s effects on our society.