First Baptist Church of Dallas Opens New $130 Million Campus In March

First Baptist Church of Dallas Opens New $130 Million Campus In March

Church members of the First Baptist Church of Dallas will having church in a brand new $130 million facility come March 31 on Easter Sunday. The state of the art church was under construction for nearly 2 years until now.

The church’s pastor Robert Jeffress, who is known for making headlines after calling Mormonism a cult when Mitt Romney was running for president in 2011, will complete the largest church building campaign in modern history, according to a recent update from First Baptist Church.

first baptist church of dallas new campus

“At a time when suburban megachurches are the norm and research shows that many people no longer feel the Church is relevant, First Baptist is committed to the Bible and to downtown Dallas,” said Jeffress in a statement. “People are hungry not for religion but for the Word of God. First Baptist Dallas is built on the Bible, and because of that we are growing.”

First Baptist Dallas began its building campaign in 2009, at the height of the economic downturn when many churches found it more expedient to acquire and retrofit unused buildings or open smaller campuses in the suburbs. First Baptist, however, decided to remain in downtown Dallas, where it was founded in 1868, so it could continue ministering to the residents and businesses of the community.

The new First Baptist Church of Dallas campus will be part of an effort to revitalize downtown Dallas, which recently included the debut of several multimillion-dollar museums, theaters and parks, says the Christian Post.

We all know Texas does it big and usually bigger than anywhere else. We are just praying for a true church experience in the name of Jesus and not just the ‘outfit’ of the church building as the focal point.