Atlanta Pastor Teaches Class on Healthy Gay Relationships and His Past is a Telling Story

Tabernacle Baptist Pastor Dennis Meredith, healthy homosexual relationships

Atlanta Pastor Teaches Class on Healthy Gay Relationships and His Past is a Telling Story

Pastor Dennis Meredith of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Atlanta is said to be having a special relationships class coming up in February. He seems to have become or maybe is already, what he may call himself, a relationship expert. He’s not just claiming to teach a class about having healthy relationships between women and men but what he calls out (stated in photo above) ‘femms vs non femms; masculinity vs non masculinity and tops vs bottoms’. Wow, how’s that for some gay street talk and for those who know exactly what he’ll be discussing in the classroom.

Now, one of our readers sent us the flyer posted above about the event and we researched and found out Obnoxious TV was the first to break the news on this story.

Well, AT2W has some news of their own. In Obnoxious’ post, he stated Pastor Dennis Meredith was the pastor of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Oakland, Ca. According to  Obnoxious, he was a well known pastor and great singer but rumors of alleged gay activities swarmed the church community and he and his family eventually left the church to Birmingham then to his current church home in Atlanta.

Now, we took a good look at this pastor and it struck us how we remembered his face. Pastor Dennis Meredith was the pastor that came out in recent years for speaking on the Bishop Eddie Long scandal.

Pastor Meredith spoke out on CNN about how God has allowed the scandal to come out because it will bridge gap between gays and straights. In the video below, he criticized Bishop Eddie Long for not coming out and dealing with the issue of sexual abuse. Meredith admitted he is a gay and bisexual man and his church is gay affirming. He says Long should have made a confession about his sexuality instead of hiding behind people who will protect him.

So, this gives us a better understanding of why Meredith is coming out with the ‘Healthy Relationship Class’ at his Tabernacle Baptist Church in Atlanta.

But, this is not all we found out and how we connected the dots to Pastor Dennis Meredith. As you can see, Pastor Dennis Meredith came forward to talk against Bishop Eddie Long but not everyone knew he himself allegedly had the same issue back in the day at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Oakland, according to Obnoxious TV. Though he admits he is a gay/bisexual man and pastor with a gay affirming, did he, as he wanted Bishop Eddie Long to do, admit he had alleged sexual misconduct with men in his church or elsewhere as a pastor of a church?

We don’t know the answer to that question but this is what we do know: He is a gay affirming pastor in Atlanta where it is accepted to be whatever you want in or out of the church. He’s doing actually what The Vision Church of Atlanta with Bishop O.C. Allen does and as you know, he and his husband are celebrating the adopted birth of their new born girl.

But once again, we now know where we saw him last. It was at a conference held by Pastor Jamal Bryant. If you can remember, Pastor Jamal Bryant spoke out last summer about how the church needs to back up President Obama and his acceptance of gay marriage even if they do not agree with his stance. At that time, we did research on that subject and found a video series of Bryant speaking to a reformed lesbian woman, Elder Brenda Burton and her book and a gay/bissexual pastor who aired his past on the stage. Guess who that pastor was? Oh, yes. It was Pastor Dennis Meredith. He was pretty candid about his story, so we thought.

It is interesting that Pastor Jamal Bryant had this conference, and one of the speakers was Pastor Dennis Meredith.

You will need to watch the videos Part 2 through 7 to hear his story for yourself but here’s some tidbits about his story which he candidly expressed at the conference:

On part 2 and 3 of Homosexuality in the House of God, he stated he remembers having sex with both men and women as early was seven years old. Some were family members and neighborhood friends. He said he was married at age 26 and had been living as a bissexual man all of his life yet he never disclosed his bissexuality to his wife until 12 years later. He claims at that time ‘something happened’ where he needed to tell her. He says his wife was upset but wanted him to ‘go get help and get fixed;, and she’d be willing to stay with him.

He stated a psychologist wanted her to accept his sexuality but she found another clinic in Los Angeles where they wanted to give him meds to take away the desires to have sex. They ended up in counseling for five years. Moving forward, he states they eventually moved to Atlanta as a family. Again, if Obnoxious TV is correct, Pastor Meredith left out many important parts about being a pastor in Oakland, California and having to leave because of alleged sexual encounters with males, allegedly. At this conference, he allegedly and/or conveniently leaves all of this out and fast forwards his story to Atlanta.

He also stated that in 2001, his son told him he was gay at age 21 years old. He admits his wife was very upset about this news yet he understood. He says they went to counseling to try and fix their son, so the wife wanted. Now this is an interesting part here: He said the counselor asked Meredith’s wife: “Why do you think God gave you a bissexual husband and a gay son?” Then he explained that God must be teaching you to have unconditional love.

Wow! What do you think of that?

You can see and hear the rest of the story HERE and please start on Part 2 thru Part 3 and on. It is a very interesting conversation.