Bishop Larry Trotter’s Daughter Javon Says She Defends The Bathtub Photo and her Father

Bishop Larry Trotter’s Daughter Javon Says She Defends The Bathtub Photo and her Father

Javon Trotter is the mother of the girl in the bathtub photo with her father Bishop Larry Trotter. She has come to speak out about what she feels about the the thing and of course she is defending her father.

“I’m upset, I’m hurt I can’t believe that people would re-post the picture of my innocent baby and say bad things about my father who loves my baby and all kids,” she told theGrio. “He would never do anything to harm them. It’s hurtful for my whole family.”

The Grio found out more details the daughter Javon says that really happened to initiate the bubble bath and the photo being taken:

Javon attempted to clarify the incident saying her father was in the whirlpool Jacuzzi in the bathroom when the granddaughter walked in and asked her mother if she could join him. She then said her father and daughter put on swim trunks before getting in the water. Javon says she was present for the few minutes her daughter was in the water.

“I don’t understand – it doesn’t look bad. I would [have] never thought he would do anything [inappropriate],” she contends. “I don’t know why people would think this way. I know my father and he would never do anything to his kids.”

bishop larry trotter in bath tub with granddaughter

bishop larry trotter in bath tub with granddaughter

The now infamous photo that was only supposed to be shared among family members, was posted online for 10 minutes before it was taken down. Bishop and his daughter state a family member inadvertently sent the photo to another person who manages his Facebook and Instagram accounts and posted it. We are not sure why they would do such a thing but it certainly shows that someone wanted the world to see; even if it was allegedly without Bishop’s approval.

“I would have not posted the photo online…We never wanted anyone else to see it,” she says. “[My father] is hurt as well, we’re his family. He doesn’t want people to be posting his picture all over the world.”

Bishop Trotter’s church, the Sweet Holy Spirit church and its spokesperson Sean Howard stated that “the church stands ‘110 percent’ in support for Bishop Trotter and that other prominent members of the Chicago community have also come forward to show their support.”

Now, it we really get off the whole scandalous part of the actions of the adults in this issue and look at on a psychological perspective, this will leave marks on the family and especially the girl for life.

A clinical psychologist, Jeffrey Gardere, spoke to theGrio in a phone interview and stated:

“I think it was very irresponsible act,” says . “The fact it’s up there and letting  her identity be known — it’s such a comprising situation and it could harm her reputation in the future.”

Gardere recommends that parents probably should not bathe with their children once they can identify private parts.

“When you look at the situation physically, a mother who bathes a child in a shower…I think it’s different for a male doing that,” he says. “In society the majority of sexual predators are male. There’s too much of stigma of male predators…It’s best that parents of the same sex [such as mother-daughter or father-son] bathe their children.”

Our take is this: we don’t agree that a grandfather should take a bath with his granddaughter. We agree with the psychologist that its a parental issue and at the age where children can identify body parts, its surely a no-no, even between parents and children. We think it was irresponsible and if this is what they do behind closed doors and is truly innocent, then keep it private. One thing we have to say is, if the bishop is correct when he said he didn’t know it was going to be posted and someone did so without the family’s consent, then they need to look at this person very closely. To us, it feels and smells like it was a perfect opportunity to scandalize the bishop. So, getting back to our first point; it is probably better to NOT do things like this again. Period.