Gospel Music Scandal: Singer Isaac Carree Confronts Deitrick Haddon’s Accusations of Affair with Damita Haddon

deitrick haddon says isaac carree had affair with his wife damita

Gospel Music Scandal: Singer Isaac Carree Confronts Deitrick Haddon’s Accusations of Affair with Damita Haddon

We wanted to thank the writer at AlwaysAList.com for his decision to initially not cover the story about Deitrick Haddon, his ex-wife Damita and Isaac Carree because they were personal friends with many of them. Using his sense of integrity, he passed on doing the story even when Deitrick Haddon’s camp wanted him to ‘leak’ the news before Haddon resulted to doing it himself on his Facebook page. So, we wanted to say that we, as well, heard about this news a few days ago and decided not to cover it until we received a credible source to reference. Now, we must do so because our readers have been asking for more details as they,too, had already heard things floating in the rumor mill. Well, its no longer rumor and both parties are “telling it like it is.”

As you know from our other post Gospel Deitrick Haddon Airs Cause of Divorce and Ex-Wife’s Alleged Affair with Singer Isaac Carree, Haddon goes on a rant about what he says it the truth why he and ex-wife Damita divorced.

Let’s look into what gospel singer Isaac Carree had to say in response to Deitrick Haddon’s accusations in an interview with AlwaysAList.com:

This is exclusive from AlwaysAList.com:

“It has been brought to my attention that Deitrick Haddon recently made some very hurtful statements about me. I, as well as my wife, are both shocked and confused by Deitrick’s actions. It saddens me that he would seek to engage in mudslinging with me, especially because he and I have spoken openly and honestly about this, even long before his allegations. While I have no desire to drag these personal conversations into a public forum, he and I both know what the truth is. Still, I pray God’s best for him and his family,” Isaac told us.

“This weighs heavily on me, but I am grateful for the opportunity to speak from my heart. This will be the only statement that I will make regarding this situation,” he concluded.

AT2W’s Take: So, there you have it. Isaac Carree has chosen to handle this in an adult matter by making his statements detailed yet short and sweet. Haddon must have much more invested in trying to blame more people in the destruction of his marriage. Anyhow, it is still a huge negative reflection on the gospel and church community how many of these singers must not realize the effect it will have on us. Just as we have said in the past, many of them are not role models and can’t be seen as such. They strip the church to pieces with the scandal and expect many of their fans to understand, stick around and still support them. The sad part is: many of them will without now utilizing a reason to evaluate their support for these artists.

We are praying for the restoration of these individuals and that the church community does not fall prey or imitate what has occurred in this scandal. We also pray they don’t lose hope not in the industry of gospel music but in God who is the only one that matters.


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  1. Ain'tWidThatNonse says:

    So……..Damitta Haddon had a an affair with Issac Carree?

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