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Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Says People Have ‘Nasty Minds’ About His Consecration Ceremonies


wayne t jackson consecration video

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Says People Have ‘Nasty Minds’ About His Consecration Ceremonies

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson of the Impact Ministries International in Detroit takes to the news, Fox News Detroit actually, and speaks on how his consecration of men video was taken out of context.

Again, we reported that the bishop stated he will not stop his practice of ordination of bishops this way since he’s been doing so since 1998, per what he stated in the video below.

Many of his members are standing by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson on this and say someone made this perverse when it actually is not.

One church member, Henry Haddad, backed his pastor, arguing that The Bible does not specify how to consecrate a bishop and that he knows one of the men who took part in the controversial ceremony. “If he thought there was anything perverse about it, he would have gotten up and addressed it,” Haddad saidm report Fox 2 News.

Nicole Haddad, another church member added, “that was a service of covering. That’s what that was all about. I’ve seen it throughout my whole 28 years of being here. So it’s nothing new of me.”

Well, what we have to say about it is, the bishop had to know that some people would see this as suspect and unusual. Some experts say they have never seen any thing like it. A professor at Rochester College in Rochester, Mich., Greg Stevenson, who specializes in the New Testament, says that he has never seen a consecration ceremony carried out in the way Bishop Jackson did it.

Bishop Jackson stated:

“What hurt the most is for them to get on the internet and spread vicious rumors and don’t even know me,” Jackson said. “Anyone who knows me knows my record speaks for itself. It was two bishops being consecrated under my authority. The controversy is about when they saw that I had prayed and laid on the participant. It wasn’t a sexual act. But for somebody to take that and try to use that in a perverted way…we pray for them. We walk in love.”

All the while, the bishop calls people who have found this to be perverse ‘nasty people with nasty minds’ and he will not stop conducting his ceremonies in the way in which he does.

AT2W’s Take: We will stand on what we stated before: the ordination ceremony that Bishop Wayne T. Jackson performs is out of line. Even if someone brought this out because of spite, the ceremony has sexual undertones. Well, really not even undertones; this is directly in our faces. He can try and clean it up anyway he’d like. Even if he’s been doing it for years, it is still in many ways perverse. We can’t believe he has members that support it. These are truly the end times and someone told us that they feel this is just the beginning another scandal that may come out of his church. We shall see!