Bishop Larry Trotter Speaks On Radio Talk Show and Gives the Facts About the Bathtub Photo

bishop larry trotter on john hannah morning show

Bishop Larry Trotter on John Hannah morning show

Bishop Larry Trotter Speaks On Radio Talk Show and Gives Facts About the Bathtub Photo

We are still pretty disturbed about the photo of Bishop Larry Trotter taking a bubble bath with his granddaughter uploaded on Instagram. As we are alarmed, apparently he is as well. He spoke out on the John Hannah Morning Show on Thursday and stated its been a ‘dark time for him’ and he’s very hurt how the photo has been scrutinized.

Bishop Trotter of the Sweet Holy Spirit Church says it was honest and he’s always taken baths with his children down through the years. He’s not ashamed of ‘sharing bath water’ because he’s done it many times before. What he is ashamed of and regrets is the photo has been targeted to question his ability in the church, as a pastor and that he has been called a child molester as well. He feels distraught and wished he had never taken the picture.

In the video below, you will be able to hear the bishop call into the show and in so many words, blame social media for the grief he and his family are going through at this time. We can’t say that we blame him because the social media can make or break you, depending on how you present yourself out there or if someone wants to bring harm to your reputation. Nonetheless, if he, hypothetically, did nothing wrong and this is an innocent act in their family household, than it should not have left the family home. We are referring to the picture that should have remained a family moment and not uploaded for the world to see and speculate.

The bishop may not have known at the moment that taking photos like this would have folks question him as a pastor and a church leader admired all of the country. We, personally, feel taking baths with kids in today’s society is not wise. A person will never know when that single act could be used against them later on. It’s just not like the old days anymore. Society has changed dramatically.

We will let the bishop tell his side of things but even his story doesn’t sound very credible and sometimes we think some men and women of God just feel they can do whatever they want in the public’s eye and not be touched. This, ladies and gentlemen, is far from the truth. We are in a day and age where people are speaking out and things are being uncovered. All things have the potential of being scrutinized.

Take a listen at the bishop speaking in his own words about what he says really happened and how its affecting him and his family.

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