Bishop Wayne T. Jackson Wants His “Laying Atop Men” Ordination Ceremony Video Taken Down

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson Wants His “Laying Atop Men” Ordination Ceremony Video Taken Down

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is upset because he says the church is judging him for his ordination ceremony that was uploaded to Youtube and has been talked about the past week.

If you have been reading about it, you’d know that the Youtube video showed the Bishop ordaining new bishops and he lays atop the men as part of the ceremony.  Like us, many see the ceremony as sexual and absolutely unholy.

Though the bishop says his ceremony is similar to the ordination of Catholic priest, many blacks in the church can not relate to these tactics.

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, says he doesn’t see anything wrong with it:

“I have done nothing wrong, “This was done in front of a thousand people. It was not done in secret,” he told the a news report.

Regardless of the critics against it, he says he will not change his way of doing his ordination. Here’s what one critic had to say:

“If I were Wayne T. Jackson, I would find another way to ordain bishops in the future,” the Rev. Horace Sheffield III of New Destiny Baptist Church in Detroit said this week during his radio show on WCHB-1200 AM.

The Detroit News says he said his attorney is seeking a cease-and-desist order to pull the video from YouTube.

So, even though he doesn’t plan on changing his ceremonies regardless of his critics, he wants the video taken down. If he doesn’t want to change, then he shouldn’t care who sees it or if they talk about it. It’s all bad, really. We are not sure what getting the video will do when his reputation is tainted and questioned by this sexual and perverted ordination ceremony.


If you haven’t seen the video, here’s it is below:



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