Gospel Singer and Pastor Marvin Sapp Speaks Out on the New Preacher’s Wives Reality Show!

marvin sapp speaks on the sisterhood reality show

Gospel Singer and Pastor Marvin Sapp Speaks Out on the New Preacher’s Wives Reality Show!

There are some recording artists, leaders and some viewers who are speaking out against “The Sisterhood,” a reality series that premiered on TLC Tuesday, Jan.1. Singer and pastor Marvin Sapp happens to be one of them.

Gospel singer and Pastor Marvin Sapp released a short video on Wednesday, Jan. 2 detailing his thoughts about the show . The singer admitted he had to pray on the issue and if he would speak out about the show which actually offers positive and negative feedback on the Atlanta pastor’s wives reality show, “The Sisterhood”.

“Let’s pray for those who are on the show, as the show begins to move forward, that there is some discernment and discretion that comes forth. Why? Because there are certain things that the world does not need to see, know and understand about the church.” According to the video at Social Cam and Joy105.com, Sapp said this after comparing the women to a pig with a ring in its nose, citing Proverbs 11:22.

“What God was saying is the ring of gold in a pig’s nose wouldn’t be seen as pretty because of the filth that most pigs live in. It (the ring) would be non recognizable very, very quickly and it would become soiled beyond recognition and this is the way God feels about a woman that is not discrete and does not take the time to learn to act responsibility,” said Sapp. “Am I saying these women do not act responsibly? No. What I am saying is that until we get delivered from some things, we need to learn how to be discrete.”

So, the question is: is there anything good coming out of this new reality show? Marvin Sapp replies:

“The reason they judge us is because of their ignorance of the scripture. If they would just read scripture, they would understand that some of the issues that they see on television, as it pertains to the first ladies, are some of the same issues that were in the church in the beginning, during the times with Peter, Paul and Jesus,” Sapp said at the close of his video response Wednesday.

See the video here.

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