Church Scandals That Made AT2W’s Top List in 2012

Church Scandals That Made AT2W’s Top List in 2012

It’s never a joy have to report church scandals and church sex scandals on our site. We don’t do it for entertainment. We do it to inform the public of what kind of things are going on in the church and what to look out for. By now, all of our new readers should be aware of the ungodly things that happen in the church. Let us continue to pray for the victims and the culprits involved.

Furthermore, we really don’t have a top number list to provide you this year. The posts listed below were extremely popular and our readers proved that by coming in at numbers in the thousands! Thank you AT2W readers, friends and fans for letting us know what stories you want to read about at AT2W!


Zachery Tims Cause of Death To Remain Sealed Pending Mother’s Court Appeal

Should Jacksonville Pastor and Registered Sex Offender Darrell Gilyard Start New Church?

Bishop George Bloomer Confronts Obnoxious TV’s William McCray in The Word Network Interview

South Dallas Pastor Tyrone Gordon To Resign In Lieu of Sexual Misconduct Allegations From Male Church Members

TBN’s Paul and Jan Crouch Face Mounting Lawsuits and Scrutiny By Granddaughter

COGIC Bishop Charles E. Brown Accused of Sexual Sins Gets Case Dropped and Reinstated To Church

Nashville Mega Church Leader Bishop Joseph Walker Sued For Sexual Assault By Four Women

Jericho City of Praise Church Board Fires Pastor Joel Peebles

Pastor Frank Ray of Salem Baptist Church Seeks Divorce From Wife Deborah Ray

Singapore Megachurch Leader Kong Hee Faces Conspiracy and Fraud Charges

AT2W Exclusive: Gay Affirming Victory Church Pastor Was Forewarned By Woman Exactly 1 Yr Before Shootings

Breaking News: Rev. Creflo Dollar arrested on family violence charges, Grabbing and Choking Daughter Around Her Neck

Former Pastor Dr. Shine To Serve 27 Months for Hiding Millions in Bankruptcy Court

Has Pastor Randy White Been Caught Playing the Prosperity Gospel Game of Lies?

Scandalous Atlanta Pastor Craig Lamar Davis Arrested for HIV Reckless Behavior on Women

Hicktown Press: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Sleep With a Low Down Lustful Pastor

Mega Church Pastor Jack Schaap Fired for Committing Adultery with Young Woman

COGIC Chronicles: Bishop Charles Brown Victims Speak Out as Overcomers of Sexual Abuse in the Church

Pastor Sharon Daugherty’s Victory Christian Center Staffers Face Charges For Failure to Report Sexual Abuse

Creflo Dollar Church Shooting: Can ‘Prosperity Gospel’ Teaching Churches Really Cover Their Flock?

Black Church Stop Adultery in the Pulpit: Iyanla Confronts a Pastor about adultery and comforts the first lady who opens up about her troubled marriage

Bethel AME Church in S.F. Reject New Pastor John J. Hunter Due to His Reputation

Bishop Wiley Jackson and brother indicted in investment scheme