News Anchor Amanda Davis Appeared in Court for Accident and DUI charges

amanda davis arrested on dui, appeard in court

News Anchor Amanda Davis Appeared in Court for Accident and DUI charges

Fox 5’s Amanda Davis had her first court hearing the end of last month in Atlanta traffic court following her November 11 arrest on charges of driving under the influence and reckless driving.

Her attorney William Head reportedly told the judge they needed more time to investigate the facts of the incident and a new hearing date was set for January 9, 2013, according to Fox 5.

Amanda Davis, who has worked with WAGA-TV since 1986, has not been on the air with the station since the arrest. Mike McClain, a Fox 5 vice president, provided a brief statement: “Amanda Davis is currently away from the television station handling personal matters.”

So, everyone is eager to know the question: will Davis ever be back on the air?

A reporter left message with Davis, who has not yet publicly commented about the situation or even release a statement. A text was returned instead from her attorney stating:

“Client not speaking to press,” her attorney Head texted. “It will be resolved in court.”

AT2W’s Take: Well, whatever the case may be, Davis is a danger on the roads of Atlanta. For the safety of the community, she should have her license suspended or revoked and probation should be implemented. It is obvious that Davis has some issues that need to be resolved and she should do so off the road and not behind the wheel a car.