Black Churches Are Becoming Health Hub Ministries Get a Thumbs Up from AT2W!

health fitness in black churches

Black Churches Are Becoming Health Spot Ministries Get a Thumbs Up from AT2W!

We think its a great thing for churches, especially in the black community to embrace change that involves taking better care of our health. If we can speak positively about anything in today’s church, it would be living better with better health.

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Thanks to an exercise class at her church, Morning Star Baptist in Walnut Hills, Darlene Hughes’ blood pressure, cholesterol and weight all dropped.

Thanks to a cooking class at her church, New Vision United Methodist in Paddock Hills, Aretha Furr has learned the importance of limiting portion size, eating whole grains and reading labels.
 health fitness in black churches
Churches are expanding their health ministries in both scope and sophistication and are successful because of the level of trust they have in the black community.
Aerobics workouts, Zumba, cooking classes, healthy menus, weight training, full basketball courts, walking tracks, mammograms and other health screenings are all increasingly part of the black church experience. Health ministries have come a long way since the late 1930s when nurses’ guilds started tending to sweat-soaked ministers and fainting members during fevered Sunday services and funerals.
 Accessing the black church’s reach and influence is a way to improve African-Americans’ health.
“Churches are turning into health hubs,” said Dwight Tillery, president and chief executive of the nonprofit Center for Closing the Health Gap, Avondale. “The church is concerned with the total person.”
Again, we love this health talk in the church and this may be one of the only new age thing we really do embrace because we can’t serve God being sick.
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