Gospel Singer Cece Winans and Husband Pastor Alvin Love Start a Church

Gospel Singer Cece Winans and Husband Pastor Alvin Love Start a Church

Gospel Singer Cece Winans and Husband Pastor Alvin Love Start a Church

Pastor Alvin Love and his wife Priscilla, who is better known as CeCe Winans, are reported to be excited about serving as the senior pastors of Nashville Life Christian Church.

Though they never guessed that they would be called to lead a congregation when they married on June 23, 1984 and after having two children back in the last 1990’s, Alvin had the calling on him. In 1995, reports say Alvin said started to receive prophetic words that God was going to call him to pastor. Later in November 2011, the couple hosted a discipleship ministry school in their home led by Bram and Dianne Manusama from Melbourne, Australia.

The report says:

Most of the attendees were young adults who were their son Alvin’s friends and acquaintances. The school was so successful that the Loves asked the Manusamas to return in March 2012. This time more than 80 people participated and their lives were radically changed.  The move of God was undeniable. After seeing how God transformed the lives of the young people who attended Alvin and CeCe asked how many of those who attended were without a church home.  About half of the hands went up and the Loves knew it was time to start the work.  It  was crystal clear to them both that this was the time to raise up a congregation, and Nashville Life Christian Church was birthed. On March 28, 2012 Nashville Life held it’s first official service in the Loves home with thirty-four people in attendance.  It now meets in Wallace Chapel on the campus of Christ Church.

Alvin and CeCe, The Loves plan to keep it simple and pure, “it’s our job to make sure the main thing remains the main thing and that is to love God and love people.  Nashville Life is authentic, it’s life changing and it’s refreshing because it’s God, it’s all God.”

Wow! Everyone is starting a church. We pray they truly do it honor God and not like most modern day churches today.

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  1. Hello! My name is Emilya Hunter. I heard about this ministry at this church from my aunt, Beverly Jean Chapman. I’ve been praying about where I can go to get some help. I’d like to know more about this church. Maybe I should just give you all a visit… SOON!

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