Happy 3rd Birthday AT2W! Thank You AT2W Readers and Fans!


We want to announce to you that we are celebrating our 3rd birthday month!! Hooray!!

We are very excited for how God has blessed AT2W this past year and without our faithful readers, new visitors and readers- we would not be an existence. We appreciate you so much and enjoy you visiting with us everyday.

When we think about when we started  on Oct 9th, 2009, we were not very clear on our purpose exactly but we finally found our true niche. We received much opposition because of our strong beliefs and views at first but many people began to appreciate what we really wanted to convey on this blog.

Our small staff worked very hard to convey very passionate yet revealing stories and articles about celebrity life, the church, gospel music and latest news. We have a passion to reveal the truth behind what people are really doing and how it effects all of us and our children. We think we have done a pretty good job at it according to your responses.

This past year has been a tremendously great one for us. In fact it has by far the best year yet! Our readership has increased beyond our imagination!

  1. Our pageviews increased from less than 100 pageviews per day (in 2010) to currently over just over 6,000,000 all time in just 3 years.
  2. We have total of over 2,400,000 visitors all time and over 1,800,000 unique visitors all time.
  3. We published over 4600 posts that was met this year which is well over the 1000 we reached last year.
  4. AT2W received over 4,730,000 pageviews this which is up from our 1,000,000 pageviews from last year.
  5. Alexa rank is now 189, 616 and that is ranking better than last year’s 214,055. In year 2010, we were at 600,000 for the year.

So we just wanted to share with you what you have helped AT2W achieve and we thank you so much!!

We thank God for his guidance and love and that we touch each and every person with what we share here at AT2W.

We want to thank our readers, contributing writers, fellow blogger friends and for all of the emails and comments.

We look forward to another great year by just sharing our views on news and subjects you want to read about.


God Bless and We appreciate you!

-From AT2W staff and Founder