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Creflo Dollar Church Shooting: Can ‘Prosperity Gospel’ Teaching Churches Really Cover Their Flock?

creflo dollar church shooting
Creflo Dollar Church Shooting: Can ‘Prosperity Gospel’ Teaching Churches Really Cover Their Flock?
Do you think Pastor Creflo Dollar showed enough concern about the recently murdered church employee of his church? Well, it seems so to us in his address to the church but we just wish that the church was safe enough to avoid this. We don’t understand why this huge megachurch worth millions of dollars and employs several security agents, could not safeguard this from happening?  We realize danger will strike at anytime and at any place. We realize the church, per say, is always on a persecuted radar. We just wonder why these kind of things happen if the ministry is God fitting. We feel that many modern churches today do not have the anointing and the presence of the Holy Ghost to cover and protect the sheep that support the shepherd. We don’t care what anyone says: If a church leader is truly leading under the will of God, THIS SHOULD NEVER, EVER HAPPEN! Even though we don’t believe prosperity gospel will get us in heaven, we do believe there are many followers of this church and others like it, that house true and faithful Christ followers. We believe the victim in this case was one of them.
Let us look at some other examples of the missing of the covering of Jesus in some modern day churches:
bishop eddie long church shooting and carjacking
We have to remember what happened earlier this month at Bishop Eddie Long’s church and how a woman left a child in the car of the church parking lot and returned to learn the car and the child were missing. Thankfully the car and the child were found elsewhere but why did this happen on church grounds? Here we go again, with another megachurch teaching prosperity gospel- but look at its leader? Bishop Eddie Long is now known as a predator of young boys in his church. He cleverly paid the young men off and nothing has been accounted for. So, can anyone really be safe on the grounds of Bishop Eddie Long’s New Birth church? We say not so much. He, as well, has a multi-million dollar church with a hefty security team and why wasn’t the church surveillanced at that time? How can anyone just drive up on the church campus and carjack a vehicle with a child in it? This isn’t the first time tragedy hit Bishop Long’s church. He, too, had a shooting at his New Birth church back in February 2011. In fact, let us not be quaint with the bishop. Here’s a link to all of the controversy that surrounds his ministry since the sexual allegations hit the news. We still don’t understand why people attend this church even to this day. Again, the loss of the presence of the Holy Ghost and an anointed pastor is the issue here.
Pastor kenneth samuels and victory church shooting
Let us not forget what happened earlier this year when a gang rival member came after another man who he suspected robbed a family member’s house. This time a shooting happened at yet another Atlanta area church, Victory Church in Stone Mountain under the leadership of Pastor Kenneth Samuels. The issue with this tragedy was the church pastor was warned by a woman of God who wrote him a letter a year on the date that if he did not turn from being a gay affirming church, God’s wrath would come upon him. And as you know, shots ran out at that church during a funeral and killed and injured many people. Now, there is nothing different in the above examples except that that this pastor was forewarned and the anointing of this woman was given the vision from God that harm would come if he did not cease his blatant sin in this church. The followers of this church were in harm’s way, in our opinion, because the pastor was not covered and in result of this, nor were the members.
As we said before, we know that anything can happen any where and at any time but the house of God should be covered ans saturated in the blood of Jesus! No man nor devil should be able to come in and ‘calmly’ shoot to kill whomever they want and be successful. Demons ought to be trembling when they step their foot on the grounds of a ‘Jesus blood covered’ house of God.
We have to be so very careful where we worship and under whom we receive our word. In the cases above, we should be able to see why covering for a pastor who hits his child; sexually coerces young teen boys or who leads a gay affirming church is not the answer. When we encounter issues like this, we have to get wise and GET OUT!! God is speaking and staying in a church because of the history of our family membership or the fancy and prestigious ministry or because we just don’t want to change can be detrimental to not only ourselves but others connected to us.
Can we please take heed to what God is saying. He is  not silent. Its loud and clear what He’s saying and if we continue to walk in our own ways, we will reap it and God loves us too much for this to happen.
Watch video below of Pastor Creflo Dollar addressing the church shooting. He has all of the right words to say but can he now be covered? Will God’s truth reign in his ministry as a lesson from the tragedy?