Are Today’s Average Ministers Qualified to Cast Out Demons?

Are Today’s Average Ministers Qualified to Cast Out Demons?

Originally posted on Oct. 3, 2011

This issue is not discussed much in an era of ministers who are primarily focused on making money from their ministries and keeping up with celebrities in the world.  Back in the day, when African Americans were not ashamed to have real church and there was not too much diversity, casting out demons in deliverance services was in the average black church.  Ministers did not quiet down congregants from praising God and allowing demons to cease in their churches.  In today’s church, prosperity ministries are more popular and to cast out demons would not be appropriate in their ministries for a number of reasons.

Specifically, these following four main reasons also reveal why the average minister of today should not be casting demons out of their congregants, although casting out demons is necessary, but only under certain conditions in agreement with God.   

  • Qualifications: Many of these ministers are not full of the Holy Ghost and are not qualified to cast out the devil.    They have a love for money and preaching salvation is less important in their ministries.   In order to be qualified to cast demons out of congregants, these pastors, bishops and evangelists are required to be free of the Devil within themselves.   Many of them have demons of lust, greed, homosexuality, pride, adultery, fornication, jealousy and among other various types of demons, which identify with the wickedness of this world.   Father God told us to have nothing to do with the ways of the world and they allow their gospel and christian music to compare to hip hop and rock.   God spoke these words to us in His Word,Love not the world, neither the things that are in world, he that loveth the world, the love of the Father in not in him (or her) I John 2:15-17 . 

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