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R&B Singer Patti LaBelle To Pay $100K for her Alleged ‘Profane Tirade’ or Not? [UPDATE]

patti labelle pays 100k for tirade with mom and child


R&B Singer Patti LaBelle To Pay $100K for her Alleged ‘Profane Tirade’

Ms. Patti LaBelle may have had her day as a true diva, but she will have to pay for her ‘profane tirade’ against a pregnant mom and her little girl in the lobby of a Manhattan apartment building.  In court, she has agreed to pay for it to the tune of $100,000, the plaintiff’s lawyer told The Post yesterday.

Patti Labelle allegedly shouted the F-word, called mom Roseanna Monk some other obscene word and drenched her with bottled water after complaining that Monk’s then-18-month-old daughter was playing near the lobby door of an Upper West Side Trump apartment building where LaBelle was staying in 2010.

When Roseanna — by then cradling her tot, Genevieve, in her arms — accused the “Lady Marmalade” singer of making the girl hysterical, an enraged LaBelle then allegedly had to be held back by her entourage and hustled into a waiting car.

He noted the difficulty that LaBelle would have faced at trial with the little girl giving her side of the story which may have been very damaging.

Roseanna, a former kindergarten teacher, said all proceeds will be donated to the Hope & Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund.

“This is an opportunity for Patti LaBelle to help a lot of children, and I feel good about that,” she said.

We are surprised at Patti Labelle for her actions. We remember reading how she used to tour and sleep at the Motel 6 and change the sheets to be comfortable. Now that she has super stardom for some years now, she’s acts out at a Trump apartment. Shame on her and you do have to pay for your actions.


UPDATE on Sept. 25, 2012: Singer Patti LaBelle has reignited her legal battle with a New York mother after a settlement deal to end the dispute fell through.

The legal dispute was settled earlier this month, but the case went back to court on Friday when a New York judge ruled that Monk broke the terms of the agreement by allegedly talking about the incident on TV, according to the New York Daily News.
The two sides now have a chance to reach another settlement to avoid the case going to trial.
SOURCE: MSN Entertainment