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Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant ‘Spiritually Fed’ by Gospel’s Donnie McClurkin and Rapper Eminem? [VIDEO]

oprah and iyanla vanzant talk donnie mcclurkin and eminem

Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant Spiritually Inspired by Donnie McClurkin and Eminem? [VIDEO]

We want to thank EEW Magazine for discussing this issue. We saw the clip of Iyanla Vanzant and Oprah speaking on their Super Soul Sunday segment on the OWN Network. Iyanla was asked by Oprah ‘What is your current spiritual practice?’ Now, those are fancy words for ‘What do you do to stay spiritually grounded?’ Her answers sounded very good like: ‘I read the bible daily’ and ‘Music Ministers’.

donnie mcclurkin

We are happy she found out how moving gospel singer Donnie McClurkin‘s song: ‘Great is Your Mercy’ can be for anyone who hears it. We love that song too. It’s one of the most liberating songs for the soul, but why did they need to switch from gospel music to secular? It was going so well until Iyanla mentioned rapper Eminem and then India Arie. Don’t get us wrong. Music and the power of the lyrics can be inspiring but to say ‘I pray everyday, I read the bible everyday and I listen to Gospel Music, Rap and Neo Soul’ in that order, is disturbing. Where is the separation of disciplines here? How can you possibly enjoy Donnie’s ‘Great Is Your Mercy’ and then Eminem as the next song on your playlist? Something is wrong here, folks?


We can’t expect much different reasoning from worldly celebrities so we are not so surprised but the way it comes off is so shallow and unstructured.

Ok, we’re getting off the soapbox now but take a look at the video clip of Oprah and Iyanla try and get ‘spiritually fed through gospel and rap at the same time. Watch video of Oprah and Iyanla HERE.

Now, watch Donnie McClurkin’s ‘Great Is Your Mercy’ below and be truly fed!