Donnie McClurkin Admits to Fathering a Son Out of Wedlock 12 Years Ago

donnie mcclurkin and kirk franklin interview on tbn about his unwedlock child


Donnie McClurkin Admits to Fathering a Son Out of Wedlock 12 Years Ago

Gospel artist and pastor Donnie McClurkin reveals some personal information about his past on a recent episode of TBN’s Praise The Lord. In April 2000, he stated he became a father and had son named Matthew who is now 12. McClurkin considered fathering a child out of wedlock as a “personal failure,” but stated “I don’t regret my son. I love him.” McClurkin apparently has not been in the child’s life for some time but wants to make a change for the good now.

Donnie McClurkin admits it has been a struggle to break the cycle of being a father who neglects his children.

“Although my dad was in the home, he never spent time with me,” he told Kirk Franklin.
“That’s been my Herculean task now, to heal that stuff with my son and be that father,” he confessed, stressing the importance of family. “Family is everything to me…everything I have hinges on my relationship with my family and the only part of my family that was broken was me and my son.”
Pastor Donnie McClurkin of Perfecting Faith Church in New York may have supported his son materially, he had not spent quality time with son Matthew which he regrets.
“I’m a good supplier. I’m a good provider,” McClurkin said, but, “I had to make some drastic decisions and changes just recently, just within the last month” to make Matthew a regular part of his life.
Though McClurkin praises Matthew’s mother, Kim, for doing a fantastic job with the son they share, he knows she cannot fill a father’s shoes.
“Now [I’m working] to relate to him every day and [things like] picking him up from school [is an adjustment],” said McClurkin, who transparently added that he is fearful of failing. “I got up in the morning and [prayed] a simple prayer,” he shared. “I looked up to God and said, ‘God, I’m afraid, so help me to be a good father.'”