What Happened to Le’Andria Johnson’s Anointed Gospel Voice?

Leandria Johnson 'My Story Continues'

Photo: magic springs

What Happened to Le’Andria Johnson’s Anointed Gospel Voice?

We are not very surprised but gospel phenomenon Le’Andria Johnson, who wowed everyone on Season 3 of BET’s Sunday Best, is not sounding very much like gospel. We were afraid this would happen when we first heard of her after the competition. She has such an anointing voice for God and it was unlike what many artists sound like today.

Unfortunately, Le’Andria’s voice is still the same but the secular sound and lyrics of the songs being produced for her are not the gospel anointing we all grew to love and know her by. There are many of her label mates at Matthew Knowles’ Music World Gospel record company who are dropping off like flies now like Micah Stampley and just recently Trin-i-tee 5:7. So, it may only be a matter of time for her but we wish she was singing some real gospel and not these secular ‘feel good’ grooves that are nonetheless encouraging but not fit to sing in a church.

Take a listen to the new single, “My Story Continues” below here.