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Where Are Your Parents? NY Boy Gives Speech In Favor of Same Sex Marriage [VIDEO]

Kameron Slade gay marriage speech

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10 Yr Old NY Boy Gives Speech In Favor of Same Sex Marriage [VIDEO]

Now, this is what is wrong with America today. This 10 year old boy who should not be speaking on these adult matter. Unfortunately, he has written a speech in favor of same sex marriage. He states he was inspired by President Obama and his wife Michelle for their stance in support of marriage equality.

New reports say Kameron Slade originally wrote his speech two months ago for a competition at Public School 195 in Rosedale, Queens. However, the principal of the school said it wasn’t acceptable, so he was barred from delivering it at first. But after robust media attention, he was allowed to give his speech at a separate assembly after the Education Department intervened.

The NY Times provides some background on how Kameron came up with the idea speaking on gay marriage:

Kameron’s mother, April Grantham-Slade, said she sat down with him in May, when he first came home with his assignment from class. Ms. Grantham-Slade said Kameron told her he wanted to speak on a topic his fellow classmates had not discussed much. So they began to brainstorm. Earlier that month, Mr. Obama announced he was supporting same-sex marriage, a move seen by some as purely political but by others as an act of bravery. For Kameron, it was a prime chance to bring that national discussion to his peers.

“Sometimes we’ll be walking down the street and we’ll see two men or two women holding hands; and he gets that,” Ms. Grantham-Slade said. “I want my children to be accepting.”

Kameron recalled the time he and his mother went on a farm trip with two of his mother’s friends, who are lesbians, to the full Council chamber. “They seemed like any other family,” he said. “The only difference was that they were two moms instead of a mother and father.”

We are utterly appalled that this boy’s mother and many members of the Queens community support a minor to speak on such matters as this. It appears to be a bit of brainwashing going on and this is why our society is in so much trouble. Its bad enough that we have a President that approves and supports gay rights and marriage equality but he is influencing our children against what is moral and right. To top it off, he received the idea to write the speech from his own mother and influenced by two lesbians he went on a trip with. So, this young man has been influenced by his own environment and his mother can be blamed for this.

The dangers of allowing minors to speak on same sex issues are:

  • they are too young to understand the dynamics of this issue
  • they are being used to push the gay agenda
  • they are being negatively influenced by the gay community
  • they are being influenced to explore same sex even when it does not exist in their mindset
  • this is the beginning of turning our children out when they don’t understand what they are doing