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Teen’s Out of Body Experience Revealed He Allegedly Saw The Beatles’ John Lennon in Hell

John Lennon and the Beatles- Paul McCartney flashing the 3 6's sign and John Lennon flashing the baphomet (devil horns) sign

Teen’s Out of Body Experience Revealed He Saw John Lennon in Hell

NOTE: The post you are about to read is for spiritual enlightenment purposes only. It may be disturbing to read. So, in advance please refrain from posting hate mail and comments.

We are not disrespecting the deceased in anyway, yet we are revealing a testimony that explains what they allegedly experienced.

Originally posted on July 11, 2011

We have been wanting to touch on this subject for awhile now and feel this is the best time to do so. Many churches today, not all, preach more about prosperity, wealth and the acceptance of so many other things that some pastors have forgotten about heaven and hell. Though some churches may preach on heaven, hell is conveniently left out of the equation as if it does not exist. Well, we have to touch on this because hell is very real. Some make it as though it is just a fairytale in the bible, but we have two choices where we may spend eternity and God wants us with Him.

So, we came across this audio testimony of several teens from Columbia who had out of body experiences and they told what they saw when God took them to hell. God not only revealed to them why many people were in hell but that these teens tell what they saw and the message God had for the world. Essentially, according to the teens, the message from God to the world was critical and that God wants us to serve Him and let go of idols.

One teen explained they saw several people tormented in hell. He explained how everyone who goes to hell is tormented over and over by the sin they committed on earth. For instance, one woman, God explained to him was there because she worshiped her collection of perfume bottles over her son and more importantly over God. She neglected her children because of her love for perfume which of course took her focus off her Creator, God. According to the teen, people think this is a small matter but he stated God wants all of our focus. Even the love of perfume was like idolizing another god, which God detests. (Jeremiah 25:6)

There were many people there as this teen explained in detail why they came to hell, but one truly stuck out. The teen stated he saw deceased Beatles member, John Lennon there. In short, he stated John Lennon did not live for God. We don’t want to tell it all because the audio will explain it fully but it is very ironic that the teen would state they saw him in hell.

We saw an article at Christian Today that told a story of how John Lennon battle demons and Christianity on earth.

The article stated this:

In 1972 he had written a desperate letter to (Oral) Roberts confessing his dependence on drugs and his fear of facing up to “the problems of life.” He expressed regret that he had said that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus and enclosed a gift for the Oral Roberts University. After quoting the line “money can’t buy me love” from “Can’t Buy Me Love” he said, “It’s true. The point is this, I want happiness. I don’t want to keep on with drugs. Paul (McCartney) told me once, ‘You made fun of me for taking drugs, but you will regret it in the end.’ Explain to me what Christianity can do for me. Is it phoney? Can He love me? I want out of hell.”

Oral Roberts responded to the letter here and stated he was glad he came to realize who God is and that no one is more popular than Jesus.

John Lennon suddenly announced to close friends in the spring of 1977 that he’d become a born-again Christian. He wrote Christian songs with titles like “Talking with Jesus” and “Amen” (the Lord’s Prayer set to music), and trying to convert nonbelievers. But his wife Yoko tried to discourage him with all of this  ‘Jesus talk’, she said and getting close to preachers who saw “his vulnerability to strong religious leaders because of his emotionally deprived background.” At the time, John was antagonistic towards her and said she was blinded by Satan. Yoko knew she was losing control over him if he continued on with this religious quest.

Yoko Ono was able to get John to lose faith when the article stated:

“They met with a couple of Norwegian missionaries whom Yoko questioned fiercely about the divinity of Christ, knowing that this was the teaching that John had always found the most difficult to accept. Their answers didn’t satisfy her, and John began to waver in his commitment.”

Lennon wrote an unpublished song “You Saved My Soul,” that explained his encounter in a Tokyo hotel stating:

“I’d lie in bed all day [in Tokyo], not talk, not eat, and just withdraw. And a funny thing happened. I began to see all these different parts of me. I felt like a hollow temple filled with many spirits, each one passing through me, each inhabiting me for a little time and then leaving to be replaced by another.”

This imagery was very similar to what Jesus described in Luke 11 about his warning of ridding evil spirits.

Long story short, John Lennon, according to the article, ended his personal interest in Jesus as his wife Yoko saved him from falling for the TV preacher. Nonetheless, ‘he sank into a depression, concerned that his creativity had deserted him and that he had no real purpose in life.’

The article stated:

“John began working himself up into a tirade against Christianity, saying that it had virtually destroyed what was left of pagan culture and spirituality in Europe-a great loss to civilization.” He then announced that he was now a “born again pagan.”

John wrote a song titled “Serve Yourself,”  it stated no one can save you. The only person you have to serve is yourself. Here’s the lyrics to the song.

In his last days before he was shot to death, he wrote several songs and one called “Help Me to Help Myself” offered a relevant verse: “Well, I try so hard to stay alive…But the angel of destruction keeps on hounding me all around.”

This is quite disturbing according to the article from Christianity Today but it serves the purpose in giving  some alleged truth to what the teen stated he saw in hell. Allegedly John Lennon’s actions after turning is back on Jesus per se, left him a broken man.

NOTE: We don’t endorse the testimony of the teen nor do we state its validity. This post is to point out that testimonies like this can possibly answer questions to what hell is like and how we should live in the eyes of God.

To hear the full experience of all of the teens, here’s the mp3 link. Also here’s the home page to the testimonies.