Why Do People (and Christians) Still Watch Messy Talk and Reality Shows?

Why Do People Still Watch Messy Talk and Reality Shows?

Originally posted: Sept. 10, 2011

We saw an article about the Basketball Wives L.A. reality show. We don’t watch the show but the article stated there was some hair weave pulling incidents and just all around bad behavior.

We’ve been asking the same question for years: ‘Why do people still watch these ‘messy talk shows’ and reality shows?” It seems like when shows like “Ricki Lake”, “Maury”, “Jerry Springer”, including “Tyra” and the like aired, people could not get enough. The shows brought on the uncouth from every ghetto and street corner. Black folks, in particular, were eager to sign up and ‘show their behinds’ on national television.

We saw shows revealing things like one young mother with 10 lovers and no baby daddy. There were other shows with men and women exposing their indiscretions with a same sex partner or pregnancy with their partner’s sibling. These shows still go on today. Do we know why? It’s because the show has a wide audience of look-lues who are addicted to… mess! It’s the same as when reality shows came out. Some of those would be “Basketball Wives”, “Real Housewives of whatever”, and way too many to mention. They may seemed more sophisticated because many celebrities appear on them, but just as messy and a waste of time. These shows in particular dominated prime time television and cable networks where every station was all about ‘reality TV.’

These shows opened the doors for homosexuals to flaunt their lifestyles and it be made ‘ok’. People were first introduced to the drag queens and underground world of the ‘sexual immoral’. By viewing them as funny and cute, it became twisted and perverted the minds of young children. So, if you ever wondered why so many children (gay boys, in particular) flaunt themselves as proud gay men, its because it was glorified and celebrated on television in their own childhood homes. No wonder so many young boys and girls are attracted to the same sex.  No wonder you may see a mother and her gay son or daughter walking in the grocery store like life is fine and dandy, because some mothers (not all) have accepted it because they sat and watched the filth of these shows with their children- and now can’t stand and correct their children. We are not stating all mothers did this but some can probably say it was a mistake allowing them to watch these kind of talk and reality shows.

The problem with these shows are they never provided a way out of the mess. It was only to exploit a willing and able group of individuals who didn’t care much about their own lives and what they represent. Many of those watching the shows claim to be Christians which reached another group of people. We have to say it-but some Christians have went to church on Sunday and came home later to watch the reality shows all during the week. For some reason, they were attracted to all of the noise, turmoil, lies and downright ignorance instead of wanting the peace and goodness of God’s quiet and loving spirit.

And nothing has changed yet. In fact, its getting worse. Some have allowed the entertainment industry to shape and form our children and they can’t do a thing with them. The seed of Satan’s plot has been planted and needs to be uprooted.

We pray that those of us who are Christian finally stop contributing to the spread of ignorance. Not only is it spreading ignorance across America but it is making the creators and producers super rich while some of the viewers live in poverty or non-growth. Hello?! The entertainment industry has been making billions off those who support this mess!!

These type of shows have already bred two generations of drug addicts, uneducated youth, and domestic violence.  And not to mention two generations who don’t know God for who He is. No one likes talking about this stuff because many LIKE it! And this is a shame.

Its time to get serious with life and with God. All the reality shows with your favorite stars or ‘booky duke’ down the street will not change your life for the good. Let’s throw out the garbage and plant some good seed for this generation and the ones coming.