Warriors Coach and Pastor Mark Jackson Relives His Past: Caught Up in Extortion of Stripper’s Nude Photos

Pastor Mark Jackson, Alexis Adams and Marcus Shaw

Pastor Mark Jackson Relives His Past: Caught Up in Extortion of Stripper’s Nude Photos

Former Knicks now pastor and Golden State Warriors coach was being extorted by a woman he had a relationship with who was a stripper. The pastor and coach was being extorted for nearly $200,000 from an affair he had with a New York stripper in 2006. At the time of the affair, he was working as a ESPN/ABC broadcaster and married to his wife which nearly ruined their family.

Buxom dancer Alexis Adams and accused co-conspirator Marcus Shaw were busted for the purported plot against Jackson. Jackson initially paid out $5,000 cash for the six-year-old photos and a CD of his voice messages to Adams when approached by Shaw before an April 3 game in Memphis, according to federal court documents filed in Oakland. When the assailants wanted more money from Jackson, he went to the FBI for assistance in the matter.

In a recent statement, the pastor who apologized for the affair years ago said:

“I recognize the extremely poor judgment that I used . . . in having an affair six years ago — including the embarrassing communication I exhibited during that time,”

“I made some egregious errors. . . . With deepest regret, I want to apologize to my church family. I was wrong. We must live holy.” 
 Pastor Mark Jackson and gospel singer Desiree Coleman
So how did old drama become new drama? The stripper held onto photos and a CD for damage control all of these years. As we stated earlier, he paid the $5,000 but the assailants wanted $200,000 more out of the former ball player when they approached him just months ago with a folder of nude photos in the extortion. They also sent the photos to Jackson’s wife gospel singer Desiree Coleman. Mark Jackson and his wife now pastor at the True Love Worship Center in Van Nuys, Ca.
After contacting the FBI, the back-and-forth between the Jacksons and the accused extortionists went on until May 7, with a $200,000 payoff suggested.
Adams and Shaw were arrested before any more money was paid. She’s free on $25,000 bond, while convicted felon Shaw remains behind bars.
If you are interested, here’s a video of the pastor and he and his wife preaching and singing.