Gospel singer James Fortune Says He’s Shocked by lawsuit

Gospel artist, James Fortune has released a statement in response to the lawsuit filed against him.  He replied he does not know why this lawsuit has been filed by his stepson’s father, Roderick Davenport.  However, when you watch this following video, you will see why Davenport has a hard time believing Fortune’s shock, regarding the lawsuit.   We think this is such a shame and an embarrassment to the body of Christ, although it happened years ago.   Just maybe James Fortune has repented for this previous abuse against his stepson, because he did not deny it, but there are some permanent scars the child nor his biological will never forget.  The biological father does have a right to be upset, because these graphic pictures show how bad Fortune abused his step-son.

Now, James Fortune’s step-son is 15 years old and although, he has had to live with extreme burns on his body, he may have forgiven him by now, which could make this case very difficult to prove for the biological father, Mr. Davenport.  However, since Mr. Davenport had custody, he was able to have a strong bond with his son and this could help him win his case.   James Fortune’s stepson will probably speak in court and most likely, his words to the judge and jury will help them decide the outcome.

Furthermore, we hope and pray for James and Cheryl Fortune.  After all these years, we pray they both are having a much closer walk with God.  It is very sad that the past has came back to haunt James Fortune, but God possibly allowing this to occur for a reason.  Possibly, God does not just want James Fortune to be a gospel singer, but also witnessing to other ex-cons like himself.  You know a lot of this gospel artists sing to people, but they do not witness to lost souls.

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Gospel singer ‘shocked’ by lawsuit


The gospel singer at the center of a lawsuit, after severely injuring a child, is now responding.  Gospel music singer James Fortune says he is “shocked by the lawsuit” but the father filing the suit says he’s not sure why.

James Fortune, according to court documents, punished his 4-year-old stepson by putting him in scalding hot water.

The photos, taken by investigators, of the 4-year old’s second and third degree burns are graphic…Read full article, here.
Source: http://www.myfoxhouston.com