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Catholic Official Monsignor William Lynn Convicted for Failing to Report Predatory Acts of Priests

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Catholic Priest Monsignor William Lynn Convicted for Failing to Report Predatory Acts of Priests

We will never believe that a conviction of a church official knowingly allowing abuse to go on has finally occurred. We pray this is the beginning of many, many convictions because they need to be held accountable.

This conviction is a long time coming event. It’s a shame how the Roman Catholic diocese has systematically undisclosed who their many predators are in the church. We still can’t understand why men, who took a vow to be celibate would in turn, corrupt their positions with God and violate the most vulnerable and innocent in our communities? This is a problem amongst many other denominations as well like the Church of God in Christ organization. In the same instance, it was widely known that the abuse was going on and no one wanted to come forward and really put these priests in their places.

A decade after the clergy sex-abuse crisis erupted, Monsignor William Lynn is the first Roman Catholic church official has been criminally convicted for failing to alert parishes or police about known predators.

Advocates for children said the verdict Friday against Monsignor William Lynn sends a critical message that diocesan officials who supervise priests must report offenders or face prosecution.
Lynn was secretary of the clergy for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia from 1992 to 2004. A jury in Philadelphia found him guilty of one count of child endangerment but acquitted him of conspiracy and a second child endangerment count.
Why is Lynn the only American church official convicted so far?
Most of the abuse cases that have come to light in recent years involve allegations of wrongdoing from decades ago – far beyond the statutes of limitation for criminal charges and often for civil lawsuits. Since 2002, when the scandal broke wide open with one case in the Archdiocese of Boston, a few prosecutors have struck deals with local dioceses to avoid indictment, and eight grand juries have investigated how local dioceses responded to abuse claims. All the grand jury reports found evidence that church officials consistently protected accused clergy more than children. However, only one such report found enough evidence within time limits to prosecute a diocesan official: the Philadelphia grand jury investigation last year that led to Lynn’s conviction.
In comparison, the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) has been critically opposed to their handling of the same kind of abuse still ongoing in their churches by bishops and pastors. They, too, have used church money to pay off the victims of abuse as hush money. Our question is: Where in the world did they get the idea that the most innocent in our society, were to be used for their pleasure and in turn pay these same victims off with money collected in the name of Jesus Christ?
As Mama used to say, hell is never too full and we advice that the crack down on priests and pastors across this nation, gets others to ‘get right’ before its everlasting too late!