Being Born Again Can Improve Your Health, Says Recent Study

Being Born again

Being Born Again Can Improve Your Health, Says Recent Study

It’s not a secret that serving God and dedicating your life to him would not promote good health. People don’t always see it this way but God is the ruler of our mind, body and soul. When we live our lives for Him and serve others, we are taking good care of not only or souls but our bodies as well.

According to the study done on PLosONE, people who said they were a “born-again” Protestant or Catholic, or conversely, those who had no religious affiliation, had more hippocampal shrinkage (or “atrophy”) compared to people who identified themselves as Protestants, but not born-again.

In the study, researchers asked 268 people aged 58 to 84 about their religious affiliation, spiritual practices and life-changing religious experiences. Over the course of two to eight years, changes to the hippocampus were monitored using MRI scans.

The researchers suggested that stress over holding religious beliefs that fall outside of the mainstream may help explain the findings.

“One interpretation of our finding — that members of majority religious groups seem to have less atrophy compared with minority religious groups — is that when you feel your beliefs and values are somewhat at odds with those of society as a whole, it may contribute to long-term stress that could have implications for the brain,” Amy Owen, lead author of the study and a research associate at Duke University Medical Center, said in a Duke news release. Source

The bible states that our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). This means we are to treat it as we would as a treasure and a gift. The bible says we do not own it. But as the article states, we reduce stress in our lives and welcome joy within, when we are born again and live abundantly for his purposes. How else can we acquire good health without a good soul?