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Atlanta Church Mentor Antoine Johnson Gets Life in Prison for Posing as Girl to Molest Boys

Antoine Johnson arrested for child abuse

photo courtesy of newsone.com

Atlanta Church Mentor Antoine Johnson Get Life in Prison for Posing as Girl to Molest Boys

The judge in this case stated: “our society is going to hell in a hand basket” and we have to agree with him. If we don’t get a hold of these pedophiles and corrupt individuals, it will only get worse. The sad part about this is we are employing them in our churches and religious organizations. No one is safe when pedophiles target the church and the world!

Read report below:

Kristen was an online invention of 29-year-old Antoine Johnson, a former intern and summer camp organizer at Hebron Baptist Church, who posed as the girl on MySpace to lure underage boys, most of them loners and outcasts, into a twisted game of sexual abuse.

Calling the scheme “absolutely diabolical,” Gwinnett Superior Court Judge Timothy Hamil meted out a life sentence to Johnson for molesting two boys (ages 13 and 14) and attempting to lure a third (age 15) in 2008. Posing as Kristen on MySpace, in emails and even phone calls, Johnson emptily promised the boys sexual favors with her if they had sex with him, as a means to show they were loyal and could keep a secret.

Johnson testified that he created the Kristen persona — using a photo he stole from a real account in Texas — to help a friend’s younger brother with self-confidence issues. Things, he claimed, spun out of control when one of the victims stumbled on the Kristen profile and started making sexual advances.

The teen victim who testified Wednesday said that, entranced by Kristen’s good looks, he agreed to meet Johnson outside his parents’ Dacula home at 2 a.m. one night, where they had oral sex in the driveway. Johnson used a vacant home in an under-construction subdivision for his other wee-hour rendezvous.

Again, as we always say, many of these so called saved folk who try and be a part of the church, are not only a danger to society but the church at large. The travesty of it all is that the church can’t discern a good spirit from a bad one when interviewing or selecting individuals for service. Where is the discernment in our churches and religious organizations? Are we only interested in filling positions? It is our job to be very careful who we place upon our children and others in the church. We are supposed to be doing the work of God but instead making sure we are staffed and running for business day to day. God’s work is not a corporation or business. It’s supposed to be a hospital but instead of healing souls, we are allowing the sick to come in an infect our sheep. God help us all.

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