Bishop Noel Jones Scandal- Pastor Named as Father of X Factor Finalist Stacy Francis’ 2nd Child?

Bishop Noel Jones and Stacy Francis from X Factor

Bishop Noel Jones Scandal- Pastor Named as Father of X Factor Finalist Stacy Francis’ 2nd Child?

When one of our readers forwarded us the information about Bishop Noel Jones, we thought we’d post it. We are posting it because Bishop Noel Jones has been in and out of the news and allegedly involving many women. The news report states it is true and confirmed through Stacy Francis own words. Read report below for details.

X Factor finalist Stacy Francis has confirmed through news reports that mega-church leader Bishop Noel Jones from City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California is the father of her second child.

Reports from stated the former X Factor finalist Stacy had kept the identity of her second child’s father a secret, but recently outed him as a Pentecostal Bishop.

The report explains that Stacy was going through a divorce from her husband and the father of her first child, Darwin Kyle Hayes, when she had an affair with the Bishop resulting in her second child, Anastasia Noelle Jones.

Stacy, 42, said in a statement today: ‘I love him very much and I am not ashamed of my baby. Our baby.’

Stacy first admitted to becoming pregnant from a man other than her husband on the VH1 reality TV show Beverly Hills Fabulous.

‘I just finished going through a divorce,’ a heavily pregnant Stacy revealed to stylist Elgin Charles while getting her hair done. ‘We were actually separated and we were going through the divorce and it’s not his baby.’

Jones, who is divorced with three adult children, has also been romantically linked (but never denied the rumors) to Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes and actress LisaRaye McCoy.

This feels like gossip to us but its very interesting that Bishop Noel Jones keeps getting his name pulled out of a hat and allegedly accused of getting engaged or married to some of these women. Noel Jones has not confirmed nor denied his involvement with these women except that he has stated he is not planning to marry anyone. Source
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    If you….

  2. AT2W Staff says:

    Let us inform you first, your comment was mostly deleted, because you did not respect our policy. Furthermore, we gave you the facts of where we got the story from. The mother of the child has spoken, please re-read the story. She admits she is not ashamed of having a child with Jones and loves him very much. God bless you.

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