Benny Hinn Says His Marriage Is Stronger Than Ever: Why Did Suzanne Hinn Allegedly Do a Makeover Before They Decided to Marry, Again?

First and foremost, we want to say we think it is wonderful for any man and woman to remain in matrimony and even return to marriage, after divorce.   However, we feel Benny and Suzanne Hinn claiming their relationship is stronger, after her make over is not teaching married couples about real love.


It would have been wonderful for them both to boast about how much they loved one another when she was overweight and then see her losing weight during the first time they were in matrimony, but not go through various looks similar to fugitives or celebrities in our opinion.  Isn’t that what celebrities or fugitives do, they go through all sorts of unrecognizable looks?   SCR readers, God wants us to have one look and if we have to lose weight…

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