Did America Elect an Evolving Gay President?- Obama Proclaims June as LGBT Month [UPDATED]

Did America Elect a Gay President?- Obama Proclaims June as LGBT Month

Here we are again. We have the President of the United States pushing the gay agenda down our throats. The president Tuesday signed a proclamation recognizing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender month.

The proclamation states:


“The story of America’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community is the story of our fathers and sons, our mothers and daughters, and our friends and neighbors who continue the task of making our country a more perfect Union.”

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pride month is recognized each June. President Obama proudly announced his words in the proclamation:


“Since taking office, my Administration has made significant progress towards achieving equality for LGBT Americans,” the proclamation said. “Last December, I was proud to sign the repeal of the discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy… My Administration has also taken steps to eliminate discrimination against LGBT Americans in Federal housing programs and to give LGBT Americans the right to visit their loved ones in the hospital.”

Alright, there you have it. Now, those of us who are true Christians and against all forms of the gay community, we will ask the question again: Should Black Christians Vote for President Barack Obama in 2012?


UPDATE on June 4th, 2012: This year President Obama has built on his support of gay rights and marriage equality. Since he is in full agreement with same sex couples having the right to marry, he has added his support to proclaiming again, June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.

“This June, let’s take some time to celebrate teachers and students who take a stand against bullying, openly gay and lesbian servicemembers, … families and friends who have seen their own attitudes evolve,” he urged.
He also stated his personal belief in “marriage equality for same-sex couples” “because we must treat others the way we want to be treated.”
Obama makes a point to say he and his wife compare Christ’s sacrifice to treating the LGBT community the way we would want to be treated.
“[W]hen we think about our faith the thing at root that we think about is not only Christ sacrificing himself on our behalf but it’s also the golden rule – treat others the way you’d want to be treated.”
Wow! It is so obvious that all people should be treated right but why use our Savior in the same context as something that Jesus was separated himself from in the bible and firstly on the cross. Is this the gall of our president to add Jesus Christ to sin that is clearly not part of His holy being? Keep praying saints. Keep praying.
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4 Responses to “Did America Elect an Evolving Gay President?- Obama Proclaims June as LGBT Month [UPDATED]”

  1. Apostle Brenda Yates says:

    Somebody help me please!!!

    How is it that President Obama and a lot of others proclain themselves to be “Christians” and totally turn their backs on the Holy Bible, the very book that will allow us into follow the life of Christ and His ministry while He was on the earth and God’s instructions for us to live by to live the way He wants us to live???

    It is totally impossible to live a holy and righteous life and link one’s self up with this immoral life. Because of his stance on the gay agenda, I want absolutely nothing to do with this man!!! He has done more for this type of lifestyle than any other president that we have ever had!!! There is no question that if we continue down this road, as a nation, we are going to suffer things that have not been seen ever!!

    It has been said that the gay folks in this nation make up less than 1% of the population. So why is this man pandering after these people’s vote? We all know that homosexuality is a perverse demon and it seems to me that they (the kingdom of darkness) have found their spokesman!!!

  2. Pastor Miller says:

    How would I go about sharing some of your articles on Facebook? This is one I would love to share. I so agree wholeheartedly with your comments regarding this abomination that Obama is perpetuating.

    Thank you and God’s best to you!

  3. Hello Pastor Miller,

    Thanks so much for your comment. You can share this or any article by scrolling down to the end of the article on this blog and right below the jewelry ad, there is a row of icons. Facebook is included there and you can share any posts and articles from our site that way. God bless and thanks for visiting AT2W and sharing!

  4. Yes, its absolutely absurd and who would have known He’d be such a huge supporter of issues that go against Christianity. We have to continue pray for our leaders but also open our eyes to the truth and make intelligent decisions. Thanks for commenting!

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