Pastor Winans Speaks About Carjacking: Can We Get The Black Church To Be Concern Before It Happens To Their Pastors

Before one of Detroit’s prominent pastors and gospel artists became a victim was there ever a press conference about carjacking?  Did we ever hear of Pastor Marvin Winans or any of his celebrity siblings such as Bebe and CeCe Winans speaking out about not just carjacking, but holding press conferences about overall crime in the city of Detroit? 
Not just the Winans family, but we never heard any of the Clark Sisters publicly speaking out about crime that has happen to many of the impoverished citizens of Detroit.   For example, we did a previous post about gospel artists and black churches in Detroit reaching out and witnessing to women whom are alleged prostitutes to stop the previous back-page murders.  Absolutely not, we never heard of any of these prominent pastors…Read more articles, here.
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