New Church Sitcom Features Cedric The Entertainer as The Pastor on TV Land

Cedric the Entertainer as Rev. Boyce

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New Church Sitcom Features Cedric The Entertainer as The Pastor on TV Land

Our friends at Joy 105 has the update on a new show and the portrayal of a pastor, in a comedic form that is.

Read below:

Cedric The Entertainer is getting back into the TV with a new sitcom, “The Soul Man.”

According to reports, the show will premier in June on TV Land. This will be the comedian’s first series since he co-starred on “The Steve Harvey Show.”

Cedric plays the role of Reverend Boyce, an R&B singer with dirty lyrics.

The deal is he was a preacher’s son and there was this expectation for him to always be in the church business. But he ended up singing these kinds of songs against his father’s will and he went off into the world and become a big success.

But he eventually makes a 180 degree turn and ends up back in the pulpit…

Per Cedric the Entertainer, “I come back as a guy who’s lived the world and lived the life. I’m a guy who can meet you where you are. And I can help you. That’s the whole thing with Soul Man, he’s dealing with the soul.”

See show snippets here.

Read full article at Joy105

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