Dan Savage Bullies Christians During Anti-Bullying Speech

Dan Savage, "It Gets Better"
Dan Savage Bullies Christians during Anti-Bullying Speech

By AT2W Contributing Writer, Kebony Smith


Dan Savage,  gay journalist and sex columnist,  is best known for his creation of the anti-gay bullying  “it gets better” campaign.

He recently spoke at the National High School Journalist Conference and vented his apparent frustration with Christianity and  the bible by saying  “learn to ignore the b——- in the Bible about gay people.” When some students decided not to listen to his rant and walked out he proceeded to call them “pansy-a—“.

He later apologized and had this to say on his blog site…

“I would like to apologize for describing that walk out as a pansy-a–ed move. I wasn’t calling the handful of students who left pansies (2800+ students, most of them Christian, stayed and listened), just the walk-out itself. But that’s a distinction without a difference—kinda like when religious conservatives tells their gay friends that they “love the sinner, hate the sin.”

They’re often shocked when their gay friends get upset because, hey, they were making a distinction between the person (lovable!) and the person’s actions (not so much!). But gay people feel insulted by “love the sinner, hate the sin” because it is insulting. Likewise, my use of “pansy-a–sed” was insulting, it was name-calling, and it was wrong. And I apologize for saying it.”

God makes it clear through his Word that homosexuality is a sin. The recent push for gay rights is an ill-fated attempt to gain acceptance for a lifestyle that God condemns. I do believe we can love the sinner and hate the sin. While it is unfortunate that gay people are being bullied because of their sexual preference, the fact of the matter is this… No one should be bullied. Until they are set free by the power of the Holy Spirit, the gay community will continue to be offended and frustrated with God and the Christian community.