Paula White: Report Suggests New Destiny Church Is Paying for Her New Home

Paula White's New Home Paid for By New Destiny?

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Paula White: Report Suggests New Destiny Church Is Paying for Her New Home

We know that anything we state about Pastor Paula White will be taken by some as just ‘haterade’ but we are not the only ones who have reports and opinions about her and her church dealings. And as always, we will have our say too because our readers expect this from us.

So, one news report came out today about the future of the late Zachery Tims’ church New Destiny Christian Center. It suggests that Paula White made a statement to the church that she was keeping a promise to them:

“God loves New Destiny,” she tells worshippers in the barely half-filled sanctuary. And within a year, she vows, “they’ll be fighting over seats. . . . I will bring you into the land promised by your founder.”

She claims in this statement that New Destiny will be essentially bigger and better a year from now with her help. While she promises this upon the alleged words Zachery Tims, the founder of the church, its still always an uneasy feeling that comes over us. We just can’t see any good intentions that she may have for this church or any church, for that fact. It all seems like ways to lace her bank accounts and pocket books.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a listen to what some other critics have to say about her:

  • “She has absolutely no respect among the leadership of the Pentecostal movement. But she’s made of rubber—she crashes and she just bounces back.” a longtime anonymous observer of White’s career, speaks.
  • Ole Anthony, founder of Dallas-based Trinity Foundation- “Paula represents everything that is wrong with American religion,” he says. “No accountability, the jet-set lifestyle.”
  • Bishop I.V. Hilliard stated after leaving New Destiny’s selection committee when she was announced to be new pastor:  “My commitment to integrity will not allow me to support something that I believe is deceptive and that compromises previously agreed upon procedures and protocol.”

These are just a few that the Orlando Magazine quoted recently. There are a slew of other pastors, church members, bloggers, etc. that may share or add to the opinions mentioned above, just as we do. Now, the Orlando Magazine talked about how White has had many ups and downs with church finance though she has, of course, raked in millions of dollars from them as well. When White became pastor of New Destiny late last year, according to OM, she stated to the congregation that she would not take a salary from the church but as we all know church donations and such will by far cover what she would have expected to lead this church. That is a no brainer. So let’s take a look at what she’s doing with those alleged donations or gifts:

According to the Orlando Magazine, they reported that Paula White has found a new home:

White also told the congregation she had found a place to live here, but didn’t say where. It’s Isleworth, the luxury gated community in Windermere. She stays at a 7,600-square-foot rental home on Worsham Court that is owned by timeshare mogul David Siegel, who confirmed White is living there. He declined to disclose the amount of the rent and said he didn’t know who paid it, White or the church. However, New Destiny Christian Center applied for water service to the home on Jan. 31, according to the Orange County utilities department.

If we can, it seems clear that Paula White is receiving a gift of water service in this home paid by the church of New Destiny. This can only have us wonder if they are actually paying the rent for the home as well; but we all know that churches always make sure the pastor is taken care of so we can probably assume… YES!!

While there are probably millions of dollars coming in from her Without Walls church in Tampa and what New Destiny may be gifting her, again, Paula White appears to be moving along as far as keeping the cash flow coming in.

We are not very happy with the outcome of her being pastor of two separate church entities, which just seems like greed to us, but one thing is for sure: Many prosperity preachers are only in this for themselves. If congregants can’t decipher a con from a saint, they will continue to be pimped out. Sorry, but the truth is the truth. It may hurt but if it is never discussed, people will stay in the same stagnated mindset that they can become wealthy in the name of Jesus through their pastor’s words. Are those words credible or only a way to pump people up into funding their lifestyles while others keep struggling to reach the promised land?