Pastor Frank Ray of Salem Baptist Church Seeks Divorce From Wife Deborah Ray

pastor frank e ray divorce

Pastor Frank Ray of Salem Baptist Church Seeks Divorce From Wife Deborah Ray

Thanks to our friends over at Thaddeus Unleashed, he has the news on a filing of divorce between Pastor Frank E. Ray and wife Deborah Ray of New Baptist Church in Memphis.

Here are the details and court documents below from Thaddeus Matthews’ blog:

Pastor Frank E. Ray pastor of New Salem baptist Church in Memphis travels the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ teaching men and women to love each other, to forgive each other,and to cherish marriage will be in divorce court on Friday morning April 20th trying to take every thing his wife has,and seeking alimony from the woman he married in 2004 after having an in church affair.

Ray 65, married Deborah Joy Ray 49, after courting her while still married to Anita Ray. Ray who lives in a million dollar home,and drives a Bentley states that his wife is living in the home while he has to reside at his place of employment, his church New Salem. While this may be the case I’m sure the “Good Pastor” is not uncomfortable seeing that he has the choice of three bedrooms within the church along with appliances and his drive in garage. And I’m sure some “Good Sister” will feed whatever his appetite calls for.

In his complaint for divorce Ray claims that the reason he wants out of the marriage that caught national attention when the wedding party wore leather in the summer time is because his wife became upset over the fact he removed her as the head of the women’s ministry. He states that after her removal she swore that if it was the last thing she did she would destroy him and the church. he goes on to state that on December 4,20ll Deborah Ray brought her two sisters, nieces and nephews which was approximately 13 persons to the church where a brawl took place. But sources close to the church state that the fight started over the fact that Pastor Ray was now dating and sexing another “Good Sister” in the church.
Watch Video below of how the church fight in December had something to do with this divorce. Just as we stated last year in our reports, we knew the first lady had something to do with the church brawl that broke out, though many people stated she did not. Well, the proof is the pudding, or should we say in the divorce papers.

It should be clear that a marriage can’t work on the breaking of another in the first place. We are just wondering when will the church get back to saving souls and praising God accordingly, and get out of the sinful drama in these ungodly marriages some pastors commit to. God, please help the church get back to you and not their own agendas! Amen.

Thaddeus Matthews also provided the court papers for you to read:

Court Doc 1

Court Doc 2

Court Doc 3

Court Doc 4

Court Doc 5