Real Estate Website Provides Racially Stereotyped Searches To Help Some Find Better Neighorhoods

Real Estate Agency Uses Racially Stereotyped Tactics To Help Caucasians Find Better Neighborhoods

There are still agencies out there who categorize certain groups of people for the benefit of keeping them out of particular neighborhoods. Nothing has changed much when some companies blatantly stereotype their customers. The good thing about knowing this is we don’t have to deal with it. We can live where we want and if others don’t like it, too bad. God is good and if we consult Him first where we should go, then He’s got control of this not a real estate agency.

Read report below:

Picket Report offered the section as a way for house hunters to discover more about areas they might like to live in, but was quickly accused of insensitivity owing to the race- and class-related descriptions it provided.

The section was later removed from the Detroit-based start-up after an embarrassing article published on real estate website Curbed Detroit.

Picket Report

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They found that when the zip code for Detroit’s poorest neighborhood – 48208 – was looked up into the website, there several revealing descriptions given.

‘Soul Survivors – were neighborhoods labeled for the 0lder, down-scale African-Americans, singles, and single parents established in modest urban homes’ and ‘Cuidad [sic] Strivers – Mid-scale Hispanic families and single parents in gateway communities.’


The word for city in Spanish is actually spelled ‘Ciudad.’

Other social pariahs singled out were ‘Hard Times’ (‘Older, down-scale and ethnically-diverse singles typically concentrated in inner-city apartments’) and ‘Rolling The Dice’ (‘middle-aged, mid-scale income singles and divorced individuals in secondary cities’)


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