Video: Double Homicide in Coral Gables, Jose R. Rojas Murdered Employer With Mop, Because She Did Not Pay Him

Jose R. Rojas has been arrested for an alleged double homicide that happened in Coral Gables, Florida.   Rojas supposedly murdered his employer, Francis C. Venezia, because she refused to give him a paycheck.   When you visit the website of Certified Inventory Services, LLC where Jose R. Rojas was the vice-president you cannot help but wonder why he would murder his boss, Francis Venezia over wages.   According to Venezia’s website, she was the President of the company and obviously had control over the finances, but this devastating news has revealed Jose Rojas was very angry, because she was not paying him.   It seems like it would be the right thing to do, since Jose Rojos was the vice president of this company, but filing a civil case did not seem to cross his mind.   On his way to work, a store video camera shows him buying items to commit murder.  This was an execution style way…Read full article, here.

Source: Sanctified Church Revolution

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Source: Certified Inventory Services, LLC

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