Books and Memoirs Hitting the Bookstores Soon About The Whitney Houston They Knew

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Books and Memoirs Hitting the Bookstores Soon About The Whitney Houston They Knew

There are at least two books coming out in the next few months about those who knew and loved Whitney Houston. Read below the books coming to a bookstore near you:

The New York Post reported:

Whitney Houston’s Mother Cissy Houston Shops Publisher For Book on ‘Nippy’

Cissy Houston, the gospel singer and mother of Whitney Houston, met with publishers in New York this week to shop a book about her daughter, several people who were in the meetings said.

She says the book will be a real and definitive story of her daughter. “It’s going to be the bad, it’s going to be the good,” Cissy Houston told publishers. Cissy Houston said, ‘There are so many lies out there and I want to dispel all of those lies.’”

Gospel Singer BeBe Winans Pens Memoir About Personal Friendship With Whitney Houston

We don’t think anyone is surprised that books are going to be flying off the shelves about people who knew Whitney Houston. Gospel Singer BeBe Winans is writing about his friendship with Whitney Houston.

Our friends at Elev8 reported details about the book release last week:

Worthy Publishing of Nashville said in a news release Monday that the memoir “The Whitney I Knew” is to be published in July. Winans knew Houston for 26 years and delivered a eulogy at her funeral. The news release said the book will capture Houston’s “warmth, generosity and humor.”


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