Rapper Ma$e Turned Preacher Allegedly Owes IRS $124,000 in Back Taxes

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Rapper Ma$e Turned Preacher Allegedly Owes IRS $124,000 in Back Taxes

We are wondering why prosperity pimping preaching is not working for some. Rapper Mase who turned to preaching the gospel has some issues with the IRS. Apparently, he’s either not taking care of his business or using those church donations for something other than paying Uncle Sam. We really pray that some of these wanna be preachers start taking God seriously because perpetrating a man of God is a serious problem.

TMZ reports:

According to documents filed in Florida by the IRS, Ma$e owes a total of 124,774.85 in back taxes … stemming from the years 2000, 2001 and 2004.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Ma$e retired from the music business in 1999 after saying he got a “calling from God.” After a turn with the ministry, Ma$e returned with an album in (you guessed it) 2004.

A call to Ma$e’s rep was not returned.


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2 Responses to “Rapper Ma$e Turned Preacher Allegedly Owes IRS $124,000 in Back Taxes”

  1. TheProphet says:

    So I guess that’s why he’s back working with Diddy again. Such a shame this guy is the epitome of double minded and is unstable in all his ways.

  2. AT2W Staff says:

    Yes, we agree. He doesn’t seem to have taken being a pastor seriously at all and its been years too. We also remember how Bishop Long encouraged him to stay in hip hop and preach. He said it was ok to do. Go figure.

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