Self Proclaimed Christian Oprah Wants to Show You How to Be A Christian [VIDEO]

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Self Proclaimed Christian Oprah Wants to Show You How to Be A Christian [VIDEO]

We want talk about how Oprah has told the world she is a Christian at least a year ago and how now she wants to focus her Lifeclass show on the OWN network with a segment about Christianity and faiths. We found it interesting how one blog see Oprah’s ‘coming out of the closet for Jesus’ moments. We respectfully agree with them in many ways but we do have our take on the whole scope of it too.
Read below what BCCN1 had to say about it:
On June 1, 2011, the Editor-in-Chief of made the following statement after Oprah’s public Farewell to her talk show:

“Evidently, Oprah Got Saved Recently, Now She Needs to Make that Clear to Her Millions of Fans

Based upon statements that Oprah made throughout last week regarding God and Jesus Christ, we believe that Oprah has recently truly accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour and has been born again this year.”
Oprah made on April 23, 2012, at her Lifeclass in New York City before the entire world that she lives for the Lord Jesus Christ and wants to show you how too, if you want:
“I am not talking about religion. I am a Christian. That is my faith. I’m not asking you to be a Christian. If you wanna be one, I can show you how. But it is not required. I have respect for all faiths…”

“…My favorite Bible verse, because I am a Christian, is Acts 17:28. It says, ‘In God I live, and move, and have my being.’
BCCN1 believes wholeheartedly that we should not criticize her at this time. Take a read below why they say she should be given a chance:

Before you criticize her about why she didn’t come out as a Christian sooner, just remember that Jesus had His public disciples, the Peters, Jameses, and Johns, but He also had his secret disciples, the Nicodemuses and Joseph of Arimatheas. When His public disciples, Peter and the other disciples, forsook Him at His trial and His crucifixion, it was His secret disciples, such as Joseph of Arimathea, that stood with Him until the end. Joseph of Arimathea took His body off the cross and placed Him in his own grave. All of Jesus’ followers are not out front, some are behind the scenes doing just as much for Him. Source
We respect BCCN1 for what they have to say about Oprah and her claiming Christianity as her faith. We do believe that anyone can finally profess their faith to the world and we as Christians want this. We support Oprah if she really is doing so because she has or finds it the right time to tell the world but we have to look at what she’s doing in the meantime. Though we believe we all should respect people of all faiths because if we do not, then we can’t get along in this world; but if we are true and authentic Christians, our work is not done. We can’t infringe our faith on others but we have to take every opportunity to let others know that Christ (Jesus Christ) is the ONLY WAY t0 God. All other faiths do not teach this and Jesus IS the ONLY way. Period. Oprah in recent interviews with Pastor Joel Osteen and Bishop TD Jakes have shown that she is trying to find out where they are in this question: Are there many paths to Christ or is Christianity the only way? We’ve written before that we feel Oprah is possibly trying to coerce Christian pastors into believing there’s all kind of paths to Christ even without Christianity. As we respect and love one another, we as Christians have to make this point known because others will be lost.
So do we believe Oprah can now convince us or profess Christianity as her faith at this time and it be true? Yes, she can but can she really believe in her heart at this time that Christ is the only way and all other faiths don’t line up with this? We are not sure she can. Anyone can say they are a Christian but to live as Christ and live the word of God is another thing altogether.
We don’t want to judge Oprah. In fact, we want to her to come to Christ or accept Him at He wishes wholeheartedly. We all have to make it in so judging her doesn’t help any of us. But we have to deal with the facts: She is a businesswoman and we can’t be perfectly sure she is not ‘publicizing’ her Christian faith to tap into ratings or reviews for her poorly rated OWN network. In fact, we have to ask the question, is she possibly using or exploiting Jesus to save the OWN network? This, ladies and gentleman, has to be put into thought.
Watch video below and see what you think about Oprah and her professing Christ as her Lord.