Where’s Security? Florida Man Beats McDonald’s Manager with Bat For Being Ignored [VIDEO]

mcdonalds man beats mgr with bat

Florida Man Beats McDonald’s Manager with Bat For Being Ignored [VIDEO]

One Florida man was said to be waiting to order food at a Lakeland, FL. McDonald’s and jumped over the counter to beat the manager with a baseball bat.

Apparently, this unidentified man reported to the manager that he felt he was being ignored while waiting to order food. The manager gave the man the corporate office phone number to complain by the man’s request. For some odd reason, that was not good enough for him and he slammed the piece of paper on the counter, left and returned with a baseball bat.

Daily Mail reported:

Security video taken from the restaurant shows the suspect hopping the counter and menacing the bat as he approaches the manager.

Florida man beat McDonald's manager

But the actual attack is not seen on the video as the suspect jumps out of the shot for about eight seconds.

He then calmly leaves the store, tucking his hand through his sweatshirt to avoid leaving fingerprints on the door handle – and apparently forgetting that he placed his bare hands on the counter as he jumped over it.

A female 911 caller reported that the suspect said: ‘Just give me some f****** food, you cracker’ as he hit the manager with the bat.

This is absolutely outrageous! Some of these McDonald’s locations need security 24/7 because people are not taking this business seriously. There have been too many incidences over the years where customers have literally attacked and abused McDonald’s workers and security is never there to derail the situations. We realize that there is some racial division since the Trayvon Martin case in Florida but we have to handle things better than this. What they really need is prayer. These managers and owners need to put their businesses before God and pray for safety of their employees and other customers. Then they need to put security guards in place. Good grief!!

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