Pastor Joel Peebles Speaks Out About How Church is a ‘Hostile Takeover’ [VIDEO]

pastor joel peebles speaks to I- Team Investigates

Pastor Joel Peebles Speaks Out About How Church Ministry is a ‘Hostile Takeover’ [VIDEO]

Here’s the interview transcript of Pastor Joel Peebles and wife speaking on how the church board at Jericho City of Praise did a hostile takeover of the church and its ministry. Read below and see video of interview.

“It’s a hostile takeover of a church ministry.”

With his wife by his side, Pastor Joel Peebles talked for the first time about how a small group of employees took control of his mother’s church, Jericho City of Praise, after she died of colon cancer in 2010.

Tisha Thompson: “Did your mother ever say to you, ‘Joel I want you to take my place?  Joel, I want you to be in charge?’”

Joel Peebles:  “About a thousand times.  She believed in passing the mantle.  Not that church is a birthright. Ministry is a calling.”

Tisha Thompson: “Did your mother ever say to you, ‘I’m changing the plan?’”

Joel Peebles:  “Absolutely not.”

Peebles took the Board of Trustees to court, where a judge ruled “Peebles is not on the Board” and the employees appointed by his mother are “the lawful Board of Trustees governing Jericho.”

Tisha Thompson:  “I’ve had folks say to me that the janitor is now in charge of the church.  Is the janitor in charge of the church?”

Joel Peebles:  “The chief operating officer is the janitor.  The janitor receives money and her car.  One of the other persons on this board receives a fur coat, Rolex watches. Most of them receive money.” Read full interview here.


See video of interview below:

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2 Responses to “Pastor Joel Peebles Speaks Out About How Church is a ‘Hostile Takeover’ [VIDEO]”

  1. Jerry says:

    I’m not taking sides here, but based on the previous video testimony by Peebles, it sounds like people are about getting what they can get, if he was kept from from seeing his mother during last months of her life, it does seem Ms Peebles was taken advantage of, it doesn’t seem to be about doctrinal issues or unchristian behavior, but as ususal…power & money!
    Money has ruined countless (some irrevocally) relationships and it seems and enough Christians aren’t immmune either…

  2. AT2W Staff says:

    You are right, Jerry. The Love of money has caused all kinds of evil and its clear to us that ti played a big part in how the board conducted themselves.

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